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Collaborative Research & Development

Research and development done by Ecosil employs a highly collatorative model using partnerships between the company, government funders, corporations, and academic research institutions. This provides a high level of agility to Ecosil while simultaneously allowing a high degree of focus in our core area of surface modification to improve corrsion and oxidation resistance of metals. The model is illustrated graphically below.

Ecosil Business Model
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High Performance Aluminide Coatings on Superalloys and Steel
Aluminide high temperature coatings are being developed and tested by Ecosil for application in the aerospace industry. These coatings provide improved high temperature corrosion resistance for nickel based superalloys used in jet engine turbines. Another application is the increased wear andcorrosion resistance for ambient temperatures for aerospace parts such and landing gear and hydraulic parts. Ecosil has a diffusion furnace to create these coating, and tests performance in high temperature furnaces using standard methods to testing cyclic oxidation resistance and low temperature corrosion.resistance of various metals and alloys at temperatures up to 2400 F.

Other Areas of Research

Other areas of research include development of high quality primers and pigments for improved corrosion protection of metallic surfaces. We also have expertise with rubber-to-metal bonding, and plasma bonding of silica on tire cords. Substrates worked with include aluminum alloys, hot and cold-rolled carbon steels, specialty steels, galvanized steels, brass and brass-coated steel and other metallic-coated materials. Ecosil is affiliated with the University of Cincinnati, and has collaborated with the University of Dayton Research Institute to access the research and laboratory facilities of that institution.

Research Staff
The research and development activities at Ecosil are led by Chief Technical Officer, Dr. D. Zhu who joined the company in 2003 when it was founded by Dr. W. Vanooij to develop products for use in the steel, aluminum, automotive, appliance, and paint manufacturing industries. Dr. Zhu’s areas of research have focused on organofunctional silanes for metal surface treatment, coatings, corrosion mechanisms, and corrosion protection. She brings an extensive educational background combined with field experience to perform product demonstrations and commercialization.

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