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Ecosil Nominated for 2017Award For Passivation Product Innovation

January 16, 2017: A new generation of chrome-free surface passivation treatment, called Multi-functional Passivation Treatment (MPT), has been developed by Ecosil Technologies and Xingyu-Ecosil for galvanized steel. Product features include:

  • Exceptional corrosion protection;
  • Excellent surface lubricity for enhanced formability of galvanized steels;
  • Environmentally-friendly composition
  • Elimination of metal-forming oils and degreasing processing
  • Good paint adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, anti-fingerprint
    • MPT is a “drop-in” product, which can be applied onto a moving galvanized steel sheet using existing spray or rolling application equipment on continuous galvanizing lines. The technology also enables downstream users to achieve significant cost reductions by eliminating the use of metal forming oils and degreasing chemicals. Corrosion resistance is shown in the photo to the right.

DOD Demonstration of wash-primer coating for corrosion protection

May 15, 2016: Ecosil Technologies LLC announced today that an ESTCP project has been established for the US Navy and Army to demonstrate the performance of the company’s proprietary zero-VOC/HAPS-NC wash primer for use on DOD Weapons platforms wash primer technology. This demonstration will result in the qualification of the coating for use in DOD and contractor equipment repair and maintenance facilities. This program will be executed jointly with the Naval, Army, and Marine Research laboratories. The subject of this demonstration is based on patented technology used in Ecosil’s proprietary SILSBOND™ line of pretreatment products.

Army Truck
plane take off

Ecosil Receives Phase I MDA Contract Award

The United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has granted Ecosil Technologies LLC a contract for a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program to investigate the feasibility of a Novel Surface Preparation Process for Metallic Structures using Ecosil’s SILSBOND™, Ecosil’s innovative and environmentally friendly metal pretreatment product. This project is aimed at providing an environmentally safe and convenient process to repair and refurbish metal structures in the field.

This program is in partnership with Dr. Dale Schaefer of the University Of Cincinnati’s Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Max Sorenson, Ecosil’s CEO, stated that “this grant will allow us to expand into additional markets and allow us to participate in supporting the U.S. Department of Defense.

Hot Corrosion Testing Furnaces Added at Ecosil Technologies

Ecosil has added to its capability to test high temperature coatings for application in turbine engines for aerospace and gas fired power generation equipment. The company now has the capability to perform both hot corrosion and high temperature oxidation testing of modified diffusion coatings.

This equipment has been used to do preliminary testing to evaluate the performance of silica modified alumide coatings on nickel based superalloys compared to a benchmark platinum modified alumide coating. (see chart).

Contact the company for more information.

Hot Corrosion Test Furnaces

Click here to see chart

Ecosil Receives NSF Phase IIB Award

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Ecosil funding for an additional one year program to further the commercialization of SILSBOND™, the company’s innovative and environmentally friendly metal surface treatment product. This grant is a Phase IIB award that follows a Phase II program that began the commercialization of this advanced product. The new program will be conducted at the company’s Fairfield, OH headquarters, and will be led by Principal Investigator, Dr. Maggie Zhu.

Max Sorenson, Ecosil’s CEO, states, “this grant will allow us to expand our penetration into more industries and countries." The project has reduced the applied cost of the process by 40%, and has demonstrated use in a three stage pretreatment process.

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